Releasing Reindex, the GraphQL backend as a service

Developers, we have exciting news to share today: we’re launching Reindex to the world! Over the past few months we’ve been inviting developers to try Reindex, and developing it based on the great feedback we’ve received from the participants of the private beta.

Today we’re making Reindex available to everyone. You can sign up on our website to start a free trial and immediately start building apps with Reindex.

Reindex is the first backend as a service with GraphQL built in its core. This is particularly handy, if you’re building your app with React (Native) and Relay, as Relay has the best support for GraphQL today. But we’re also excited about other emerging client-side libraries for GraphQL.

The idea of Reindex grew out of our experiences building apps with React, first on top of RESTful APIs built in-house and later with existing BaaS (backend as a service) providers. When GraphQL was announced a year ago at React.js Conf, we fell in love with it. There was finally a solution to the problems we had faced with synchronizing state between the client-side app and the backend and we wanted to build a BaaS that would make it super easy to spin up a GraphQL server for our projects.

We believe the future of product development is in using services as small building blocks that you can combine to build your app without developing and managing your own backend servers. We’ll be writing about building apps like this here in our blog over the coming weeks.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you will build with Reindex!

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