Discontinuing Reindex Backend as a Service

Two and half years ago we started developing Reindex, the first backend as a service with a GraphQL API. Today, it’s with nostalgia that we’re announcing that we are discontinuing the hosted service on 20th of October 2017.

We are also making the source code of the Reindex backend available under an open source license on GitHub.

When we launched the beta of Reindex in September 2016, there were no other GraphQL based BaaS providers on the market. Today, there are services such as Graphcool and GraphCMS, which make it easy to set up a backend with a GraphQL API quickly and also provide a polished admin interface to manage your data and schemas. We believe these services will be successful in helping developers build better apps faster – the reason we built Reindex in the first place.

Our company, Reindex Software, will continue its vision to help developers and we’re focusing our efforts on open source developer tooling in this space.

Thank you to all the friends, early adopters and supporters we have met on the way. The community around GraphQL and related open source technologies is a great place to be in.

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CEO & Co-founder

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