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Instant GraphQL Backend for Your React Apps


Reindex is designed for efficient product development. It integrates seamlessly with Relay, a JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications.


The API of Reindex is powered by GraphQL, the data query language behind Facebooks mobile apps. Instead of writing complex code that tells how to fetch and sync the data in your application, just declare the data needs of your components in GraphQL.


Simply define the shape of your data, push it to our cloud service and you have a scalable and secure GraphQL server that can handle the data storage and authentication for your app.

Set up your API in minutes.

Define a schema with your own types.
Deploy the GraphQL API with a single command.

$ reindex schema-push

Fetch and mutate data efficiently with GraphQL.

GraphQL is a powerful data query language designed to make developers more productive at building apps.

Works seamlessly with React and Relay.

Declare data requirements in your React components and let Relay handle data fetching for you. The GraphQL API of Reindex is compatible with Relay out of the box. Stop writing plumbing code to talk with your API, focus on building awesome apps with React and React Native.

function Movie({ title, tagline }) {
  return <Text>{title} – {tagline}</Text>;
export default Relay.createContainer(Movie, {
  fragments: {
    movie: () => Relay.QL`
      fragment on Movie {

Build your awesome app.

Set up a powerful GraphQL backend for your app in minutes. Get your own Reindex and the open source SDK.

At Reploy, we've worked with React and React Native from its early days, and were really excited to see progress in 2015 with GraphQL and Relay.

As React Native developers, we love the OSS effort coming out of Facebook, but weren't sure yet about Relay and GraphQL. Then we saw a strong community effort from the Reindex team on their beta.

Betting on Relay/GraphQL is still risky, and Ville and Mikhail helped us through making Relay and Reindex work for us. Our app is also built around cutting edge tech (React Native), so it seemed like a great fit.

Since we started with Reindex, through thoughtful discussions, the team listened to our needs and implemented a number of great features like permissions or social avatars. We believe the platform is now suitable for a wide variety of apps. The best thing for us is not to have to worry about servers or writing a GraphQL backend, or in fact any backend at all! 90% of work is handled client-side, and the rest via tools like

If you're building with React or React Native today, I highly recommend Reindex!

— Joshua SierlesReploy

The best thing for us is not to have to worry about servers or writing a GraphQL backend, or in fact any backend at all!

Get started now and build amazing apps.

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